About WBCD

Diagnosis: blood cancer.

Every 35 seconds, someone somewhere in the world receives the shattering news that they have been diagnosed with blood cancer. Many patients are children and young people.


What is blood cancer?

Blood cancer refers to various malignancies that affect normal blood cell production or function. This dysfunction may be expressed for example as acute leukemia (medical abbreviation ALL) or chronic leukemia (CLL). What all blood cancers have in common is that the diseased cells proliferate uncontrollably. These diseases are often fatal for patients.


But there’s hope!

There are various possible treatments for the different types of blood cancer. Some blood cancers can for example be treated with chemotherapy. But for many cancer patients, a stem cell transplant is the only chance of survival.

World Blood Cancer Day

On WBCD, people all over the globe show solidarity with blood cancer patients. DKMS launched World Blood Cancer Day in 2014 as an independent awareness day. Every year on the 28th of May, people all over the world join together to raise awareness of the issue of blood cancer.

Get involved

A symbol circles the globe

about_ampersandThe red “&” sign, or ampersand, is the symbol of World Blood Cancer Day, signaling the fight against blood cancer and solidarity with blood cancer patients. The red “&” means that you & me together can defeat blood cancer. The sign connects people – patients with their families, with friends, or with stem cell donors – and therefore stands for community and solidarity. On the 28th of May, the “&” sign will be on display everywhere, connecting people in their commitment to patients. The universal call to action is: Make your mark!